Professional Photo Retouching and
Wedding Editing

Are you banging your head against the wall on how to fix a photo?
Maybe wishing for a time machine to combat all the weddings you need edited.
Galexy Edit is your Photoshop & Lightroom Wizard.
Reclaim your sanity, now!

It’s time to make your photo woes disappear.
But how?

high end retouching portrait
Photo by Rob Hall Photo

Retouching Services

Have a high school senior with very high school senior skin problems? How about a family session where each member took turns blinking? A special moment happened right in front of a trash can? Or maybe the photo your client chose just doesn’t fit in the crop they want.

I got you.

15 years

Experience w/ Adobe Photoshop


Major Studios I have been
the in-house editor/ retoucher for.

Who am I?

Galexy Edit is just me, Alex. I have been an avid user of Photoshop for over 15 years, and Lightroom for over 12. During the summer I split my work time between Galexy Edit and my photography company Galexy Photo. I cover weddings and events and am proudly based in Detroit, Michigan.

I have been the editor for dozens of full-time pros, the production manager for major local studios, and even large-scale events like MOPOP (remember concerts?!).

My number one theme has been efficiency and that is precisely why I am able to offer my services at prices that rival…well..all my competitors.